Rest Easy, Brisbane’s Mysterious Poo Jogger Has Been Caught

And we got some incredible quotes from Queensland Police about it.

Poo Jogger

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Queensland police have confirmed a 64-year-old man has been arrested for repeatedly pooing in public places. That’s right, Brisbane’s Poo Jogger has finally been caught.

The man has been identified as Andrew Macintosh, an executive at retirement village and investment group Aveo. He’s also an adviser to Brisbane City Council on planning issues.

For months, the mysterious Poo Jogger has been terrorising residents by regularly stopping off in a discreet alleyway of a Greenslopes apartment block to relieve himself in the early hours of the morning — often several times a week.

It’s believed the Poo Jogger struck at least 30 times, leaving a mess behind for furious locals to clean up.

But crafty residents recently hit back and set up a sting — a photographer was laying in wait to snap a photo of the Poo Jogger in the act, and photos of the dastardly crime were plastered around the area until the man was nabbed, which he now has been.

In one of our more memorable calls to Queensland Police, they confirmed a 64-year-old man had been charged with “commit public nuisance”.

“Just before 5pm on 11th May, the man attended a unit complex on Logan road and did a poo. He did have toilet paper on him though. At least he made sure his bum was clean, if not the surrounding area,” Queensland police told Junkee, in possibly the greatest police quote ever.

And Of Course, People Have A Lot Of Questions

The Poo Jogger was due to appear in a Brisbane court earlier this week, but the Courier Mail reports his lawyer was negotiating to have the charges downgraded.

Rest easy, Brisbane residents, the Poo Jogger is no more.