Please Enjoy This Clip Of Swole Norwegian Gym Bros Hanging Out In A Miniature Village To Feel Bigger

"Our dream is to visit the place from The Lord of the Rings. There we'll look enormous."

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This will be better without context. Just press play. Go with it. Treat yourself with a little trip into the blessed life of a Norwegian bodybuilder called Knut. Knut spends his time kicking back with his swole mates in a tiny town called Lilleputthammer to boost his self-esteem and I may in fact be in love with him.

If you must tarnish this beauty that is so simple and pure by demanding to know more, unfortunately Knut is not real. He’s the comic creation of a satirical Norwegian show called En Helt Vanlig Dag that premiered at the start of last month.

This sketch came from their episode earlier this week and has already earned them a huge international following. After climbing up the ranks on Reddit, the clip currently has more than 1 million views on YouTube and has rendered about the same number of people absolutely useless for a full day’s work.

You’re welcome, Australia.