This Playlist Of All-New Music Will Get You Out Of Your Study Slump

Sometimes you just need to step away from the desk, refresh your mind and listen to a banger.

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Nothing makes you want to ditch your degree and take a long nap quite like exam time. Hardcore studying for hours at a time can leave you feeling… uninspired, to say the least.

There’s honestly no use trying to plough your way through a whole semester’s worth of work without coming up for air. Who has that kind of attention span? No one.

When you feel like you’re running out of steam, sometimes you just need to step away from the desk, refresh your mind and listen to a banger.

So to help you out, we’ve rounded up 10 of the hottest new tracks to revive you during those all-too-frequent study breaks. Let these tunes get you amped up and back into a study state of mind.

#1 Tash Sultana – ‘Mystik’

Kick back, relax. You’ve earned it. It’s impossible to not feel chilled out when you listen to Tash Sultana’s music, and her new song Mystik absolutely nails those blissed-out vibes.

It’s got all the looping and layering we know and love and takes a jazzy twist about three minutes in when Tash picks up the trumpet. The best part is the wicked saxophone solo you’ll hear in the up-tempo outro, so let’s add ‘kills it on the sax’ to the long list of Tash Sultana’s musical skills.

#2 DMA’s – ‘Dawning’

Dawning is the first new track we’ve heard from DMA’s since their ARIA-nominated masterpiece of a debut album came out a year and a half ago, and we’re happy to report it was worth the wait.

The song remains true to the band’s well-established Brit-rock style and it’s the perfect uplifting old-school sound to get you out of your study slump.

#3 Ecca Vandal – ‘Future Heroine’

Put this song on and prepare to be overwhelmed with feelings of empowerment and motivation. The drum riff alone is enough to rev up even the most crushed spirits. Plus the monumental amount of sass oozing from every line is so fiery it’s contagious.

Ecca’s unique pop-punk sound can never be boxed into a single genre and she has once again reinvented herself in this lethal track.

#4 Wu-Tang Clan – ‘Lesson Learn’d (ft. Inspectah Deck and Redman)’

Take a break from economics, English lit, psychology, gender studies or whatever exam cramming you’re stuck into and get absorbed into this spicy diss-track from the Wu-Tang Clan’s new album.

There’s long-running bad blood between the clan and the song’s unmistakable target, Martin Shkreli, and that bad blood has made for some juicy lyrical heat. The DJ Mathematics crafted song has a cruisey sound and edgy attitude that makes for a great study release.

#5 Mallrat – ‘Better’

Mallrat’s new song is full of such sweetness and hope, you’ll start to feel the sunshine at the end of the long, assessment-filled tunnel. The sound is so light and stress-free you can momentarily float away from the desk to the world of only good vibes and positivity, i.e. where we would all rather be.

It’s a slight departure from the heavy bass and synth music we’ve heard from Mallrat but it’s holding tightly to her teenage wistfulness and the track is a lovely listen.

#6 Lime Cordiale – ‘Naturally’

‘Naturally’ opens up Lime Cordiale’s long-awaited debut album Permanent Vacation and it’s an instant winner. The song is the perfect combination of cheery and chilled, and it’s just what you need amidst all your hard work.

With lines like “In my wallet only got loose change/ How many times will I hit my snooze again,” we can confirm that the boys are still spinning their trademark relatable lyrics.

#7 Love You Like That – ‘Dagny’

If you’ve been sitting down for an extended period of time, this is the perfect opportunity to stand up and shake it out. Put on this unapologetically fun track and prepare to dance your way through the next three minutes.

The chorus is the real MVP here with its simple hook and multi-layered harmonising that just feels so good to sing along to. Go for it.

#8 Louis The Child – ‘Right To It (ft. Ashe)’

When feeling uninspired, find motivation in the fact that your long stretch of summer holidays is nearly here. Indulge in the daydreaming with this tropical track from Louis The Child, featuring vocalist Ashe.

You can almost taste the cocktails flowing and feel the summer parties starting listening to this song. Just sit back and dream of the silly season.

#9 Syd – ‘On The Road’

Syd Tha Kyd’s new low-key soulful track plays out like it was made for de-stressing. Syd spills out streams of chilled hip-hop verses pondering the trials of life ‘On The Road’ with distorted vocals and soothing electronic beats that will melt your bones.

This song goes down like warm liquor and tastes effortlessly cool.

#10 Strict Face – ‘Cobra Charm (ft. Sophiegrophy)’

When you’re feeling like you’re on your last legs and need a jolt of energy give this song a spin. The grime-y synths, distorted drum accents and the rhythmic rap verses of Melbourne’s Sophiegrophy make for a whole lot of glorious noise.

Unlike you after a few hours of study, this track is high energy. Let the intensity give you the wake up you need.

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