Piers Morgan Had A Go At Benjamin Law For… Correctly Identifying Someone’s Gender

Piers Morgan in being-a-massive-dickhead shock.

Piers Benjamin

British TV personality Piers Morgan picked a fight with our very own Benjamin Law over the weekend — and it didn’t work out well for Piers.

Here’s how it all began: Law sent out a nice, wholesome, lovely tweet about the Victorian Premier’s literary awards.

It turns out that not all of the winners were women — Alison Evans, author of the young adult novel Ida, is non-binary. And when this was brought to Law’s attention, he quickly apologised and amended his mistake.


It was quite nice to see such a constructive interaction on Twitter. Really good. Now surely we all move on and… enter Piers Morgan.

The British morning show host, best known for winning Celebrity Apprentice and being told to “fuck off” on live TV, sent out this tweet last night:

Thankfully, Twitter fired back with some ripper responses:

What Morgan probably doesn’t know is that the winner of the Victorian premier’s literary award was a memoir on the extraordinary life of transgender woman Sandra Pankhurst. The author, Sarah Krasnostein, claimed a cool $100,000 for her book, titledThe Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in Death, Decay & Disaster

Alison Evans also got top honours — despite Morgan having a go at them for being non-binary, Evans won the people’s choice award.

And remarkably, this was the second year in a row that no man won a major category at the awards. Women of colour also won big: Melanie Cheng, Michele Lee and Bella Li won across the short story, drama and poetry categories.

Law wrapped up the Twitter feud by highlighting an excerpt from his recent Quarterly Essay, which sums up why viewing gender as a spectrum isn’t so radical.

Meanwhile, Alison Evans is copping a bit of abuse since Morgan’s tweet. Luckily, you can help them out here: