Please Enjoy This Terrible Picture Of Peter Dutton Photoshopped Into Iconic Dystopian Scenes

Sometimes, the power of the internet is used for good.

peter dutton photoshop

A few days ago, a press photographer called Lukas Coch captured an image of Peter Dutton angrily stalking out of Parliament like the world’s most menacing potato.

The original image is extraordinary, and comes at a moment when Dutton is especially disliked for a series of pretty unjust immigration-related decisions. Naturally, the picture of him looking like evil incarnate struck a chord with the people, and through the power of the internet, a great Photoshop collaboration has begun.

Namely, one legend took the time to cut out Dutton and upload the picture of him with a transparent background for anyone to unload. Now it’s extraordinarily easy to edit him into iconic dystopian scenarios, and the results are profound.

Truly, a beautiful example of the internet coming together for good.