“Sit Down, Boofhead”: Anthony Albanese Shuts Down Peter Dutton During Question Time

"You sit down. Sit down, boofhead."


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Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has taken aim at Defence Minister Peter Dutton during a firey Question Time on Tuesday afternoon, labelling him a “boofhead.”

Following the release of the highly-anticipated Jenkins Report into parliamentary workplace harassment, which was handed down on Tuesday morning, Parliamentarians got particularly heated both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

Morrison gave a lengthy rant asserting that Labor and the Greens are allegedly trying to form a coalition government together. “They hope to be a Green-Labor government after the next election,” Scott Morrison told the parliament on Tuesday. “That’s what they hope for. They’re calling themselves shadow ministers down there in the Greens.”

Albanese quickly refuted this, urging Morrison to stick to the question at hand — which was actually about climate change. But before Albanese could even finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Peter Dutton.

“Well hang on,” Albanese yelled at Dutton. “I’m still here. You sit down. Sit down, boofhead.”

Following the comment, Labor’s side of the House of Representatives errupted in laughter. “I’ve got the call, sit down,” he added. “On relevance, the only Coalition in this Parliament is the revel over there.”

At this point, Dutton returned to his seat after being ordered by the Speaker, Andrew Wallace. However, he then rose again to throw shade right back at Albanese, proving once and for all that Question Time is literally just a bunch of old men throwing schoolyard insults at each other.

“Mr. Speaker, if there was a standing order on glass jaws (Mr Albanese) would be in order,” Dutton said. “Clearly, there is not, and he should be sat down.”

Ultimately, the question regarding climate change was never really answered, but at least we got some entertainment out of it, I guess. The ordeal comes just days after Peter Dutton won his defamation lawsuit against refugee activist Shane Bazzi over a tweet.