Man Of The People Peter Dutton Cannot Name A Single AC/DC Song


Peter Dutton

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Folks, it’s time we face up to the truth: there’s a good chance that by the end of this week, Peter Dutton could be Australia’s Prime Minister.

He lost an initial challenge to Malcolm Turnbull yesterday, but apparently Dutts is already back on the phones attempting to drum up support for a new tilt at the leadership.

Yesterday, Dutton tried to convince us he’s human by saying that he wished he could have taken all those refugees of Manus and Nauru — which, he totally could have. And today he’s been doing the rounds on radio to get the public on side — which isn’t exactly going well.

This morning, while appearing on Triple M, he got himself into an excruciatingly awkward situation by failing to name a single song by AC/DC.

Now, we get it — not everyone is an AC/DC fan. Maybe Dutton is more a fan of classical, or Spandau Ballet. But perhaps if you’re angling to be the PM, and you’re dropping by a radio station that plays around 53,000 AC/DC songs a day, you might do a little research beforehand.

“Mate, this is one where it catches you out. I’ve had about an hour-and-a-half sleep last night,” Dutton told host Wil Anderson after Wil popped the all-important question. “I’ll try and catch up with you Wil, but I haven’t mate I’m sorry. You’ve got the gotcha of the day.”

Oddly enough, Dutton has company: last November Malcolm Turnbull also failed to name any AC/DC tracks during a radio interview on Triple M — instead he awkwardly fumbled through the question by trying to turn it around on the hosts.

“Ah, um, well tell me, what’s your favourite AC/DC song?” Turnbull asked the Triple M brekky hosts Marto, Ed, and Robin. Even after they listed a bunch of songs, Turnbull couldn’t come up with one he liked.

“My favourite song from that era is Mental As Anything’s ‘If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?’,” he added. “But I’m very romantic and that’s the old romantic in me.”

Which, to be fair, is a great song — but good lord.

“I am worried about the fact that we might have two Prime Ministers in a row who can’t name an AC/DC song though, that still does worry me a little bit,” Anderson remarked after Dutton failed the AC/DC test. “He handled it a bit better [than Turnbull], but it still worries me a little that he can’t name one.”