The Disturbing First Trailer For ‘Pet Sematary’ Is Here And Jeez That Cat Looks Creepy

Sometimes dead is better.

Pet Sematary trailer

Move over Pennywise. The first trailer for the new big screen adaptation of Pet Sematary is here, and it looks disturbing as hell.

Based on one of Stephen King’s bleakest books (and that’s saying a lot), Pet Sematary is about a young family who move to a secluded house in the woods, which just happens to be located right next to an ancient Native American burial ground. So naturally, when their cat dies, they decide to bury it right there. It’s the only sensible course of action!!

Anyway, I’m going to flush my goldfish down the toilet. You never can be too careful.

Pet Sematary hits cinemas in Australia on April 4.