This Small American City Can’t Escape A Graffiti Artist Called ‘Penis Man’

Not to be dramatic but I will die for Penis Man.

Penis Man Graffiti

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Penis Man has spent the last few months plastering his name all over Tempe.

The anonymous graffiti artist has left his mark over 40 times, much to the dismay of officials in the city of Tempe, Arizona. Penis Man’s rampage even got so bad that ABC15 Arizona felt the need to publish a news segment on the unknown man ravaging the the local area.

“Take a scroll through Tempe, and you’ll see scooters, trains, skylines, trains and… graffiti,” a reporter disappointedly read out. “And the tagging? Well, it’s something you’d expect to see in a middle school locker room.”

Turns out that Tempe was plagued with over 300,000 graffiti incidents in 2019 alone, and Penis Man is only adding to the growing number. His reign was so bad that the police even used their precious time to construct a map of all of Penis Man’s “art” dotted throughout the city.

“One tag showing up all over is Penis Man — the moniker deemed explicit and provocative, painted on abandoned buildings, city dumpsters, old couches, traffic [signs], on a bridge,” the reporter continued.

While ABC15 Arizona published the segment to raise awareness of the growing vandalism problem in Tempe, people didn’t see it that way. Instead, everyone praised Penis Man, dubbing him the hero we didn’t know we needed.

Unfortunately for the fans of Penis Man and all his work, the artist has allegedly been caught for his crimes. TMZ claim that police in Tempe have attributed the art to 38-year-old Tempe local, Dustin Shomer.

Apparently charged with multiple counts of criminal damage and trespass, Dustin allegedly took to Facebook to share his thoughts about the tagging. The Arizona State University alum claimed that the Penis Man tag was actually a protest against “corrupt local government”.

“Penis Man is neither man nor woman, you nor me,” Dustin wrote. “We are ALL Penis Man.”