Pauline Hanson Reckons Australians Want Their Leaders To Be More Like Putin

She also backed the cuts to penalty rates and had some very worrying things to say about vaccinations.

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has expressed her admiration for Vladimir Putin, and believes that many Australians would like our own politicians to follow the Russian President’s lead.

“You know I listened to a speech [Putin] gave in parliament and even people here in Australia were saying ‘I wish we had a leader like that here. I wish someone would actually stand up and fight for this country’,” Hanson told Barrie Cassidy on ABC TV’s Insiders on Sunday morning. “I think he’s a strong man.”

She also cited a poll that said that 97 per cent of Russians respected Putin.

When Cassidy brought up Russia’s role in the downing of flight MH17, the One Nation leader responded with “well, did [Putin] push the button?”

“All I’m saying is I respect the man,” Hanson insisted. “He is very patriotic towards his country, the people love him, he’s doing so well for the country. So many Australians here want that leadership.”

The 20 minute interview also saw Hanson throw her support behind cuts to penalty rates, and accuse the government of “blackmailing” parents over vaccinations. “I hear from so many parents. Where are there rights?” she asked. “Vaccinations have an effect on some children.”

She also insisted she was “a bit wiser and better informed” than she was during her first stint in Parliament. Personally, I remain unconvinced.