Pauline Hanson Let Her Domain Expire So Now It Redirects To The Least Pauline Hanson Place

Thanks, internet prankster.

Pauline Hanson

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So, we now have a new deficiency to add to the long list of deficiencies that Pauline Hanson has demonstrated over the years, both as a politician and as a person — turns out she doesn’t exactly have an eye for detail.

See, Hanson, the One Nation leader and perpetual scourge on Australian politics, has her own website. Or, she once did. This week, Hanson made the rookie error of letting her domain name expire, opening it up to be bought by any good samaritan looking to redirect people away from messages of hate and division and towards something actually useful.

Which is precisely what happened, moments after the expiry. Now, if you head to paulinehanson.com.au, you won’t be greeted by the politician’s glaring mug. Instead, you’ll be taken to the website for the Refugee Council of Australia, a not-for-profit that works closely with refugees and re-connects communities in need.

Truly we stan the eagle-eyed prankster who saw an opportunity and leapt for it.