Pauline Hanson Is Meeting Anangu Elders Today, Then Climbing Uluru Anyway


A current affair Pauline Hanson to climb Uluru

Pauline Hanson, leader of One Nation and perhaps the single greatest berk on the face of the earth, is set to climb Uluru today, in direct contradiction of the wishes of the rock’s traditional owners.

Hanson posted on Facebook this morning that she will today meet with around 15 members of the Anangu Mayatja Council of Elders to discuss her calls to keep the rock open to climbers, before attempting the ascent herself.

Uluru will be closed permanently to climbers from October 26, in accordance with the wishes of the Anangu owners. So naturally, the number of climbers has skyrocketed in recent months, as Australians and tourists alike take advantage of the opportunity to trample all over the sacred site one final time. How good is Australia??

Hanson, for her part, has been critical of the decision to close Uluru, telling Today back in June that it would be like closing Bondi beach.

“I don’t get it, I really don’t get it,” she said.

Yeah, no kidding.

Feature image via Pauline Hanson/Twitter