Everyone Is Horny For Paul Mescal’s Dancing In The New Rolling Stones Music Video

"hi daddy"

Paul Mescal in Rolling Stones video

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The original title for this news story was “everyone on the internet is extremely horny for Paul Mescal” which, to be honest, is an evergreen statement.

That’s because Paul Mescal, the breakout star of Normal People, is extremely hot. Whatever he does is hot. He has a natural style, charm and grace that we haven’t seen from our public figures for a very long time.

He could be walking down the road in essentially a tracksuit, slinging a cider and a bag of prawn cocktail chips, and still look like the coolest human being on the goddamn planet.

I mean:

However, overnight, Mescal has pushed that extremely high bar even higher. See, he’s the star of a new music video for The Rolling Stones (heard of ’em?) in which he gyrates around an empty house.

The clip has a narrative of sorts: Mescal plays a drunken lover, recording a dance for his beloved, the song’s titular ‘Scarlet.’ But you’re not here for the story. We all know that. You’re here to see Mescal sashay his way around a living room, which he does with astonishing charm and flair.

Again, let the clip do the talking for itself:

Obviously, given the pure appeal dripping from the proceedings, the internet has gone fairly wild.

Also, because he’s very charming, Mescal announced his involvement in the clip by giving a shout-out of sorts to his mum.

Truly we do not deserve this man.