Someone Made The Perfect Pisstake Trailer For Triple M’s ‘Ozzest 100’

Good work, internet.

Yesterday, commercial radio station Triple M announced it’ll be holding a Hottest 100-inspired countdown on Australia Day next year, dubbed the ‘Ozzest 100’.

The poll is a direct retaliation against triple j’s decision to change the date of its annual countdown, moving it away from January 26 in order to make the day more inclusive of Indigenous Australians.

But Triple M didn’t get that particular memo. Instead, the station sent an email to subscribers, saying that triple j’s countdown is “usually full of hipsters or kids making music on a Mac”, so they were going to do the true blue thing and give the listeners the “perfect Australia Day soundtrack.” Because who cares about inclusivity when you have AC/DC, amirite?

Clearly, the Ozzest 100 was begging to have the piss taken out of it — and it now has, in an excellent video by local comedy crew Number One Friembs.

“Here at Triple M, we know that fair dinkum Aussies love these three Australia Day traditions,” it begins. “Chucking a snag on the barbie, sinking a few tinnies with the lads — and ignoring the systemic and sustained cultural genocide of the Indigenous peoples of Australia.”

It only gets better from there, watch it below.