Osher Gunsberg Has Hit Out At The Daily Mail Over Body Shaming

"Nothing short of bullying."

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The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg has accused The Daily Mail of “bullying” after the tabloid published shirtless photos of him and made disparaging comments about his weight. Speaking to his Hit 105 Radio co-hosts Stav Davidson and Abby Coleman yesterday morning, Gunsberg said that the photos, taken in Bali, along with the accompanying article, brought back painful memories from childhood. “It really hurt my feelings,” he said.

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“This article is nothing short of bullying,” said Gunsberg. “If we took photos of one of our colleagues when he or she was on holiday trying to squeeze into a wetsuit and we put it on the noticeboard in the kitchen, we’d be fired. There’s no question.”

The TV and radio personality has previously struggled with weight and mental health problems – something that was noted by The Daily Mail article even as it crowed over his “Bali belly” and “unkempt hair”.

“I’ve been on television since 1999, and never once have I used my physique as currency,” said Gunsberg. “If anything I’ve been really open about the struggles I have made with my mental health and with weight loss.”

Gunsberg first became aware of the photos after being texted by journalist Mia Freedman, who messaged him saying “you’ve been body shamed. Welcome to what it feels like to be a woman every day.” Which, okay, sure, but maybe not the best time to make that point?

“At the airport when we landed back in Sydney, the look and the glint of glee in the photographer’s eye…it was the same look of glee that the bullies at school used to have,” said Gunsberg. “For a while there it was boom, I was back there getting stacked on in the gym. It was horrible.”