People Are Wildly Horny For This Clip Of Oscar Isaac Kissing Jessica Chastain’s Armpit

We all need to touch some grass.


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The Venice Film Festival is never short of red carpet memes and moments and it has once again delivered us an extremely dreamy moment between Oscar Isaac and Jesicca Chastain that has people drooling.

Isaac and Chastain hit the red carpet at Venice to promote their new limited series, Scenes From A Marriage. HBO’s five-episode remake of the 1973 series by Ingmar Bergman is directed and written by Hagai Levi, and sees Chastain and Isaac play a couple whose marriage descends into intimate madness as they try to renovate their home.

On the red carpet last night, the pair proved their chemistry isn’t just reserved for the screen, In a clip now gone viral, Oscar Isaac kissed Jessica Chastain’s arm Gomez Adams style and people are losing their minds.

It’s not the first time Chastain and Isaac blessed our screens with their considerable chemistry. When the pair starred in A Most Violent Year back in 2014, it was clear they were an on-screen match made in heaven.

During press for A Most Violent Year, Isaac was snapped carrying Chastain’s bag for her. It’s fair to say that these two know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to press.

If the tweets and posts are anything to go by, people are astounded, even impressed, that two actors starring in a romantically bent film have such chemistry on-screen as well as off. We’ve either been in lockdown too long or we’ve grown way too accustomed to chemistry-less romances in our movies. Bring back chemistry tests!

Despite many calls for the pair to get married, it should be noted both Chastain and Isaac are married – separately, to other people. This is just what it looks like when two actors have great chemistry, as well as showing how important it can be in the promotion of a project.

Speaking for myself, I may not have been interested in Scenes From A Marriage Before…But if Chastain and Izaac have even a quarter of the chemistry they have here? Sign me up!