One Nation Will Preference A Former Neo-Nazi Ahead Of Labor In Upcoming Byelection

We did nazi this coming.

Jim Saleam

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One Nation has chosen to preference a white supremacist and convicted criminal ahead of both Labor and the Greens in the upcoming Longman byelection.

How-to-vote cards released on Tuesday directed supporters of One Nation to place Greens candidate Gavin Behrens last on the ballot, right behind Labor’s Susan Lamb. Ahead of them both: Jim Saleam of the Australia First Party, a former member of a neo-Nazi, white supremacist group.

Saleam has previously denied reports that he is a Nazi, although his claims are somewhat undermined by this photo of him at a Nazi rally in Brisbane in 1975 wearing a swastika on his arm. I don’t mean to generalise, but that seems like a pretty Nazi-ish thing to do.

According to The Courier Mail, Saleam was involved in the National Socialist Party of Australia during the 1970s. In the 1980s, he co-founded the militant white supremacist group National Action, and in the 1990s served time in prison for supplying a shotgun to two men who opened fired on the home of a member of the African National Congress.

These days Saleam heads the Australia First Party, whose key policies include ending immigration and abolishing multiculturalism.

Both Labor and the Liberals are preferencing Saleam dead last. Probably because of the whole neo-Nazi thing.

Despite One Nation preferencing his party ahead of both Labor and the Greens, it doesn’t seem like Saleam is a big fan of Pauline Hanson and co. A blog post on the Australia First Party website describes One Nation as a “stooge” of the Liberal Party.

One Nation has been campaigning hard ahead of the Longman vote, and recently recruited former Labor leader Mark Latham to record robocalls accusing Bill Shorten of being untrustworthy. The move prompted former Labor senator Graham Richardson to slam Latham as a “king rat” on live TV.

The byelection in the seat just north of Brisbane is one of five set to take place during Super Saturday on July 28.