Olivia Rodrigo Is Being Roasted For Releasing Some Wildly Dodgy Merch

Gosh, it's brutal out here.

olivia rodrigo sour merch photo

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Olivia Rodrigo is, without a doubt, the pop story of 2021. Her debut single ‘drivers license’ arrived with the kind of fanfare usually reserved for the Lady Gaga’s and Ariana Grande’s of the world, quickly acclaimed by critics and earning her the label of the Next Big Thing.

She followed it up with the equally good ‘good 4 u’ and ‘deja vu’, and her debut album SOUR, which landed at the end of May, was a solid and promising effort.

Unfortunately, her merch seems to be a bit shit.

Over the last couple of weeks, Rodrigo fans have been blowing up across social media after receiving their SOUR merch in the mail. The problems are boggling to behold — ‘Sour’ bracelets and earrings misspelled, crop tops actually being long and wildly unflattering, shorts the wrong design and length, and the colours of products being a world away from what they were advertised as.

The “crop tops” are being particularly roasted on TikTok, as they are clearly the length of a very tall person’s torso.

Other products seem to be completely different colours to what they were advertised, and sizes also appear to be way off:

But for the best merch fuck-up of them all, it’s pretty hard to go past the misspelling of ‘Sour’ on the bracelets and earrings — truly wondrous stuff.

At the time of writing, Rodrigo’s team hasn’t addressed the issue. While you’re waiting for them to do so, read our review of Rodrigo’s SOUR right over here.