Shocking Footage Shows 10+ NSW Police Arrest Two Men In Western Sydney For Eating Pizza

In one moment, four officers push a man to the ground.

NSW Police under criticism for pushing man to ground in social distancing arrest

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Footage circulating on Facebook shows more than ten NSW police arrest two men in Western Sydney over social distancing rules, with at one point four officers wrestling one man to the ground.

As first reported by Pedestrian.TV, footage from Facebook page Sydney Crime News shows a swarm of police on a group of four men in Condell Park, who had been eating pizza in a car on Saturday afternoon.

The video begins with one man in handcuffs sitting on a driveway, with a friend soon tackled by four police after attempting to move his friend onto the grass as the two argue over the amount of police present.

As per their reports, NSW Police have confirmed that the men where given Penalty Infringement Notices over failing to comply with a public health order, with the two other men in the car issued warnings. The handcuffed man was also issued a notice for offensive language — in a subsequent video uploaded to Sydney Crime News, we hear someone yell at the cops that they hope they catch COVID-19, though in the first video, we can hear the police already threaten a fine of offensive language.

The police, evidently, are not practicing social distancing in the video, which both the under-arrest men and many on the video’s comments point out. None of the police in the video are wearing gloves or masks, either.

The NSW Police has been criticised for targeting Western Sydney in particular, with the distribution of infringements repeatedly matching up more with the relative non-whiteness of a suburb than its COVID-19 cases.

Watch the video below.


Bankstown- More than 10 NSW police officers arrest these 2 men today and issue fines for eating and not social distancing. #Covid19

Posted by SCN Sydney Crime News on Saturday, 11 April 2020