The Libs Won The NSW Election, So Get Ready For Another Four Years Of Lockouts And Light Rail

Gladys is back, and NSW is...not stoked.

Gladys Berejiklian dancing nsw election

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Yesterday was the NSW state election, that hallowed day of ballot papers and democracy sausages. If you were hoping for a dramatic changing of hands like last year’s Victorian election, then we’re sorry to inform you that the Liberals and Gladys Berejiklian won. Again.

ABC election analyst Antony Green called the election for the Coalition just after 8pm last night, though it remains unclear whether they have won enough seats to form a majority government. While counting is still underway, the Coalition appears to have secured 46 of the 47 seats required to form a majority. Labor, meanwhile, has won 36 — nowhere near enough to have a shot at government.

The result was much better for the Coalition than opinion polls predicted, thanks in part to Labor leader Michael Daley’s disastrous week leading up to the election. Just days ago this election was being described as too close to call, and now here we are with a decisive Coalition victory. This is actually the first time a conservative government has won a third term in office for close to 50 years.

In fact, the Coalition government seems to have destroyed at the ballot box, in much the same way that they’ve destroyed stadiums, inner-city public transport and Sydney’s nightlife over their previous two terms in government. Now they’re coming in for a third term, and opinions are…mixed.

On the one hand, our eloquent Prime Minister Scott Morrison (sporting a snazzy new haircut) had this to say: “how good is Gladys Berejiklian and how good is the Liberal party here in NSW?”. Gladys herself was also pretty stoked — she’s now NSW’s first elected female premier.

On the other hand, more than a few people are pretty pissed off at NSW for returning a Liberal government, especially with a federal election just months away.

For those who do find themselves less Liberal-inclined, there is one small beacon of hope for the federal election, however: the NSW election saw a pretty significant swing to the Greens (13.1 percent, at present count) in the seat of Manly, which overlaps significantly with the federal seat of Warringah (known for its street libraries and also for being Tony Abbott’s electorate).

While the swing wasn’t enough for the Greens to win the seat this time around, it does signal that there might be a bit of a challenge for Tony come federal election time. Watch this space.