‘The Hateful Date’ Asks What If Two People On A First Date Were Honest With Each Other?

What if two people on a first date were honest to each other?

The Hateful Date

The new award-winning short film The Hateful Date is making waves at film festivals around the world.

Billed as a comedy mixed with a touch of social commentary, The Hateful Date explores the wild frontier that is dating apps. Dating on apps so often take on the awkward energy of a job interview, rather than creating any sort of romantic spark. It’s hard to create a genuine connection. Hence The Hateful Date. What if for once, two people shrugged off the shackles of dating social norms and told the stranger opposite them what they really thought?

The story follows Tim and Sarah, two serial daters who have almost given up hope, and are at the end of their tether, tired and defeated by the whole weird fake process.

Due to an unforeseen humiliation, Tim unravels, confessing his hate for his life, for Sarah and for everything around him. The result is hilarious but also quite poignant.

You can watch the film, directed by Adam Kiers and produced by Kim Chapman, right here!