People Are Losing It Over This Literal Hallway Being Rented Out In New York For $650 A Month

"You gotta go outside just to change your mind."

New York Hallway Rent

A photo of a hallway for rent in New York has gone viral.

The Facebook Marketplace ad shows a photo of a narrow hallway with a click-down sofa bed and lamp. Right behind the sofa bed, which just manages to squeeze into the hallway, is a door with no information as to where it leads.

“Private hallway space for rent,” the ad reads. “$650/month.”

Twitter user @516fris uploaded a screenshot of the original post where it went viral as people shared their disbelief. “I can not make this shit up,” the New York local tweeted.

The Facebook ad lacks a lot of crucial information for the confined space. Like, does the “furniture” come with space? How exactly is a hallway “private”? How does someone use the hallway while you sleep considering there is no space to go around? Does the apartment have facilities like a toilet or kitchen that can be shared? Where do you store your clothes? But most importantly, who’s door is that behind the bed?

With the tiny amount of information given, all we can deduce that the tiny hallway is located in the borough of Queens, New York where the median rental price is $2,500 USD/month. The neighbourhood of Hollis, where the ad poster says to be, is actually the cheapest area in Queens with an average of $1,097 USD per month.

So, the likelihood of a hallway going for half of that a month is not all that likely.

But despite New York’s notoriously expensive market and no solid proof that the hallway advertisement is legit, most still agreed that the concept of charging over $150 USD a week for a hallway was ridiculous.

While others claimed that this would be a steal in similar high-cost rental cities like Los Angeles and London.

People even begun sharing other absurd rental listings, including a Brooklyn living room with divider and a tin shed in Pennsylvania with huge murder vibes.

Despite how ridiculous the $900 AUD hallway is, the Marketplace ad is no longer up on Facebook meaning someone could’ve scooped the hot deal already.