Netflix And Hulu Have Both Reportedly Passed On ‘Brooklyn 99’ And The World Is Officially Trash

Everything is terrible.

Brooklyn 99

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I don’t know how to cushion this blow, so I’m just going to come right out and say it: Brooklyn 99 might actually be dead.

The five season sitcom was cancelled by Fox on Friday, but fans had been holding out hope that it might find new life on a streaming service. It’s not without precedent: the The Mindy Project was saved by Hulu and Arrested Development was resurrected by Netflix.

Sadly, the chances of something similar happening with Brooklyn 99 now seems fairly unlikely, with sources telling Variety that both Hulu and Netflix have passed on the chance to keep the series alive.

There are rumours that cable network TBS might be interested, but Variety says it’s “a long shot”.

So there you have it folks. Love is a lie, everything is awful, and you’re nothing but an insignificant speck on a clump of dirt, floating through the cold, dark vacuum of space.

Fans are taking the news… about as well as I am.

Fuck indeed, @FragaMovies. Fuck indeed.