In Extremely Important News, ‘Neighbours’ Is Getting A High School Spin-Off


Neighbours spin-off

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RAMSAY STREET UPDATE! The kids at Edinborough High are getting their very own show, as the world prepares to welcome its first ever Neighbours spin-off.

Not a lot is known about the imaginatively titled Neighbours: Edinborough High. According to Variety the five-part series will take place during the Year 12 exam period following the mysterious disappearance of one of the students. Spooky!

In terms of the cast, we can expect a mix of ” well-known characters from the hit TV show as well as new faces”.

Of course, the biggest question is whether Junkee will be able to coax world-renowned Neighbours recapper and international woman of mystery Sinead Stubbins out of retirement to cover the show. A garbage truck of money is currently backing its way up to her house, stay tuned for more.