If You Hated The Viral Horror Hoax ‘Momo’, Get Ready For Two Films About Her

Can Momo make it in Hollywood?

Momo Challenge movies have been announced

Momo, a viral horror hoax that preyed on parent’s natural fear of what their children do on the internet, is back for more young blood: the queen of slay herself will return in not one, but two Hollywood horror films.

If you need a refresher, at the beginning of the year, a series of widely circulated news stories and social media statuses warned of ‘The Momo Challenge‘. It’s a deadly game where ‘hackers’ allegedly used a scary image of ‘Momo’ to taunt children into committing acts of violence and self-harm or face Momo herself.

Momo herself is a sculpture by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso, based off a Japanese folk story figure ubume, a bird-like woman who died in childbirth.

It was all very similar to Blue Whale, a 2016 ‘challenge’ where anonymous administrators give players online tasks each day, leading to suicide. Just like with Momo, it’s unclear whether anyone was actually injured/hurt by Blue Whale, though in 2016, a 21-year-old Russian was arrested and charged for encouraging children to commit suicide through the latter (most charges were subsequently dropped).

Either way, Momo was absolutely everywhere — but mostly, just by concerned parents sharing statuses and ill-reported articles warning other parents about the challenge. And now, it’ll be on our screens.

As per Deadline, The Momo Challenge will serve as inspiration for two new films. Orion Pictures is partnering with Taka Ichise and Roy Lee — the producers behind The Grudge and The Ring — to create the yet-untitled film.

The previously announced and currently filming Getaway has more details. Directed by Lilton Stewart III in his first full-length feature, Getaway centres on a group of teenagers who tell creepy stories while hanging out in a cabin in the woods on their last summer before college.

Someone mentions Momo, and what seems to be a prank soon turns into something darker as the teens start disappearing, seemingly at random. It’s currently slated for a 2020 release, when we will have all long-forgotten about Momo — just as she wanted.