This Wonderful Human Has Perfectly Reproduced Moira Rose’s Baffling Accent

Moira Rose is a big deal on TikTok.

Moira Rose

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Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek is one of the greatest comedic performances on television, ever.

The character is a co-creation between the show’s writers and comedy legend Catherine O’Hara, who imbues Moira with a lot of strong and powerful artistic choices. You know Moira from her outrageous fashion, from her veritable thesaurus of a vocabulary — and from her extremely precise yet almost entirely unrecognisable voice and accent.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with the replication of Moira Rose’s accent for a while, giving it a red hot go at the unique diction, and flavoursome vocabulary myself. I even interviewed a professional voice and dialect coach, who walked me through a fascinating dissection of Moira’s accent.

But alas, unfortunately my efforts remain feeble and entirely un-fruitful!

Which means, I am just so obsessed with this TikTok user, Michael Judson Berry, @mjudsonberry, an actor from the US, who has frankly nailed the entire voice, the delivery, the elocution.

He has a whole series of Moira-centric videos, but my favourites are his QuaranTeaTime series, in which he envisions a world where Moira takes a moment each day during the pandemic to give some helpful words of wisdom, such as this video, where Moira praises our brave nurses, “bravely battling on our front lines”.

“But this isn’t about me, and my twelve-time Emmy Award attending career”.

Or I’m particular fond of his recreation of the iconic Moira Rose fruit-wine ad. For me, this was the episode that made me fall in love with Schitt’s Creek — it’s silly and fun, and this is a highlight of exactly the comedic chops the show has to work with.

Or this one where Moira drinks a Bud Light. Delightful! He just does a very faithful recreation, and good for him!

In fact, Moira Rose impersonations have become something of a thing on TikTok these days, and they’re all just dang impressive.