Hell Yeah Bébé, Moira Rose Just Beat Out Emily From ‘Emily In Paris’ For A Golden Globe

When one of us shines, all of us shines bébé.

Catherine O'Hara Golden Globes Emily In Paris

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Schitt’s Creek stans rise! Moira Rose aka Catherine O’Hara just beat Emily in Paris for the Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy award at the 78th Annual Golden Globes.

Up against Lily Collins from Emily In Paris, Kaley Cuoco from The Flight Attendant, Elle Fanning from The Great, and Jane Levy from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Catherine O’Hara deservedly took out the trophy over the Zoom ceremony.

While accepting the award, O’Hara was accompanied by her husband, Bo Welch, who played some extremely tinny applause noises from his phone in support of his wife.

“I am happily and seriously indebted to Eugene and Daniel Levy,” O’Hara said during her speech once the artificial applause subsided. “They created an inspiring, funny, beautiful family love story in which they let me wear a hundred wigs and speak like an alien.

“From the first read-through where no one had to fake a laugh, to the final day on set where everyone except me had to hold back their tears.”

Near the end of her speech, Welch then decided to play O’Hara out with some orchestral music to which she decided to sing along to. Really, it was pure chaos in typical Moira Rose style.

While Emily in Paris was never really tipped to win at the Globes, the show’s nomination over other series, like the groundbreaking May I Destroy You, was met with serious backlash when first announced.

So it’s no surprise that people are very excited that at least Schitt’s Creek, and most importantly, the icon that is Moira Rose, managed to beat out Emily and Emily In Paris when push came to shove.

We absolutely, and I cannot stress this enough, love to see it.