Please Enjoy This Footage Of A BBC Presenter Falling In The Pool At The Commonwealth Games

The best thing since BBC Dad.

Mike Bushell Commonwealth Games

It’s no BBC Dad, but it’s still pretty damn great: on Tuesday, BBC sports presenter Mike Bushell was at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast for a live TV interview with the English swimming team when he lost his footing and went arse first into the pool.

Bushell actually stepped into the shallow part of the pool willingly. “I’ve got to be very careful, because I’ve got this sound pack on,” he said, about three seconds before his involuntary dip.

To his credit, the veteran journo actually recovered pretty well and did his best to carry on with the interview. Unfortunately, his microphone stopped working almost immediately. Probably on account of that whole falling in the pool thing.

The feed eventually cut to his colleagues in the studio, who could barely contain themselves.

Bushell has since copped a bit of a roasting on social media, although it’s all been pretty good natured.