Michelle Wolf Is Every Strong Female Lead Ever In The Trailer For Her New Show

Why are you so busy? What do you do? "It's unclear!"

Michelle Wolf

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The latest trailer for Michelle Wolf’s new Netflix series The Break With Michelle Wolf is an extremely clever and meta parody of the strong female lead trope. It’s called ‘Featuring A Strong Female Lead: The Movie’, and it has a very strong female lead, doing strong female stuff.

You’ll probably know Michelle Wolf from her absolutely fire speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, and her work on Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

In the trailer, she plays a fiery, ball-busting redhead named Cassandra, who strides everywhere in a white pantsuit, saying things like “No good mornings, I’m on Tokyo time,” “Wrong!” and “You take custody!”

As the voiceover says, “for years, Netflix viewers have asked for a movie with a strong female lead,” and Wolf’s character manages to embody those kind of over-exaggerated Jessica Chastain/ Viola Davis style roles, chock full of brilliant stereotypes and catchphrases. My favourite is: “I don’t have time for emotion in my sex”.

They specify that her character is “as strong as any man, because it was originally written for a man, and we did a find and replace with the name Cassandra.”

Just watch it, it’s perfect.

The Break With Michelle Wolf is on Netflix now, with a new episode dropping every Sunday.