Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover And Others Appear In A Frank PSA About Police Brutality

"Black is not a weapon."

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The last year has seen a number of celebrity-endorsed PSAs about the prevalence of police brutality perpetrated against the African American community, issues that have always existed but have received greater attention through the amplification of social media.

Beyonce, Rihanna And Others List The Reasons Why Black People Have Been Killed By Police

Today directing duo Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz have paired with nonprofit Sankofa, to make a chilling short film called Against The Wall which explores the ways in which racial profiling can cause the unlawful deaths of innocent people of colour, whose only ‘crimes’ are being black.

The video — which also features Michael B. Jordan, Danny Glover, Michael K. Williams and other artists and activists — pairs footage of the celebrities being pushed against a wall or on the ground while being arrested, with voiceovers of George Zimmerman’s infamous 911 call before he killed teenager Trayvon Martin, and news reports of other police shootings.

While it’s sad that people may need to see beloved famous faces in peril for this issue to seem more ‘real’, it’s hard to deny the power that PSAs like this have for reinforcing the message.