Megan Thee Stallion Scratches Our Itch (Yells At Justin Timberlake)

meg thee stallion 2023 vmas

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Megan Thee Stallion has popped the fuck off at Justin Timberlake at the 2023 VMAs and I simply must know what she said to him.

If you’ve opened social media at all today you’d know that the VMAs are on in LA right now. Doja Cat’s serving in a tangled up cobweb dream number; Taylor Swift’s in her Reputation era and Shakira has proceeded to dance with… knives? But most crucially: a backstage camera caught Megan Thee Stallion looking furious and yelling at Justin Timberlake as he walks by, smirking. 

I understand better than anyone the immense urge to yell and scream at Justin Timberlake because he has nasty vibes but my good girl Meg looks bothered by something he said to her, and proceeds to clap back accordingly. While I don’t know WHAT went down (maybe his presence was enough to set her off..?) I have many thoughts. Also: I’ve kinda been waiting my whole life for this. 

Why Did Megan Thee Stallion Yell At Justin Timberlake At The MTV VMAs? I Have Thoughts

My first thought when I saw this whole interaction go down was ‘Oh my god, she’s fighting for Janet Jackson’ who he notoriously threw to the wolves after her career was blown up post-Nipplegate. Then my mind raced quickly to ‘Oh my god, she’s fighting for Britney’ after he helped publicly drag her through the mud after their breakup when she was already being torn apart by the media. (The 2000s were so wild.) Sure, after years of saying absolutely nothing he did finally apologise to Britney and Janet via notes app (lame) but maybe that apology wasn’t enough for Megan. It certainly wasn’t for me. But perhaps none of these two are true and he said something to her about her look for her performance of ‘Bongos’ with Cardi B. I need a lip reader ASAP.

Regardless of what was said to Megan that made her so irate, I can’t thank her enough for getting mad at that man. She did this for us, the people. 

My favourite part? After tearing Justin a new one she checks herself in a compact mirror. Icon shit. 

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