Everyone On TikTok Hates Matthew Morrison From ‘Glee’ With Their Whole Soul

Growing up is realising that Will Schuester should've been in jail, not leading a high school Glee club.

matthew morrison glee tiktok

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To make 2020 that little bit more worse, NBC recently announced that Matthew Morrison would be playing the Grinch in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Musical!

While already a pretty cursed concept, casting the Matthew Morrison as the Grinch really was a choice for NBC. Sure, he did lead the Broadway production of Hairspray and can sing, but it’s still Matthew Morrison. You know, the problematic as hell Will Schuester on Glee? 

Clearly not giving his name a quick search on TikTok or Twitter, NBC ran with their casting decision and gave a first-look of the new Grinch musical during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade over the weekend, which horrified the internet.

You see, the internet hates Matthew Morrison. Like, really despise him.

The new form of rick-rolling is now called “getting Schuestered”, over 17,000 people have signed petitions calling to “send Matthew Morrison to Guantanamo Bay”, and every day a new cursed Matthew Morrison clip pops up to ruin everyone’s day.

So let’s explore why the internet, and specifically Gen Z on TikTok, hate the actor so much:

Will Schuester Was Problematic As Hell On Glee

One of Morrison’s most notable roles was as Will Schuester, the Spanish teacher turned glee-club director hell-bent on restoring a high-school choir club to its former glory.

With a glee club full of misfits from all walks of life — or minorities, as Mr. Schue called them for simply being in a choir club — Glee focused on the group’s ability to work together and produce competition-worthy covers, while also exploring the personal struggles of both the teachers and students featured on the show.

And, in all fairness, when the series premiered in 2009, it was groundbreaking. There really weren’t many musical dramas out there that adapted modern music well, nor did many shows every really focus on serious topics like teen pregnancy, disability and LGBTIQ struggles the way Glee did.

However, with everyone rewatching the show to pass the time during quarantine in 2020, people have begun to noticed that Glee was all sorts of fucked up.

Not only are a lot of the covers quite cringe-y listening back, but Will Schuester was a menace. Worse than that, he was inappropriate as hell. Honestly, anyone with three brain cells could see that Mr. Schue should’ve never been given a teaching degree.

Between losing his mind over his 16-year-old students shaking their asses, to stopping a transgender student from using their staff toilets just so he could make sure the glee club were able to continue with their right to twerk, to singing and humping his fedora during a highly sexual ‘Toxic’ performance with his students, Mr. Schue was just so very deeply disturbed.

I mean, the man didn’t have any adult friends, which is always major red flag. He literally asked Finn to be his best man, and abandoned his students just so he could fuck his wife in the faculty toilets, where a student walked in on them.

Honestly, upon rewatching, it’s clear. Glee’s real villain was never Sue Sylvester. It was always Will Schuester.

And yes, while Will Schuester and Matthew Morrison are not the same person, the actor has suffered the fate of people like Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, where the character and actor simply can no longer be separated.

But even if they could be separated, Matthew Morrison in real life isn’t really that much different to Will Schuester anyway.

Matthew Morrison Is Just So Unintentionally Insensitive

Matthew Morrison has a habit of doing things that leave you gobsmacked. Most notably, however, is Morrison’s social media memorial posts for his Glee co-stars that have passed over the years.

For example, when Mark Salling died in 2018, Morrison thought the perfect way to mourn was to upload an image of himself in between Salling and Cory Monteith, who was also dead.

A totally normal thing to do… until you see his caption, which was just a sad face sandwiched between two angel emojis to represent the living and dead.

Beyond the emoji choices being wildly insensitive, to paint Monteith and Salling in the same light was frowned upon by people online, too. You know, considering the two died under very different circumstances, with Monteith overdosing in 2013, and Salling committing suicide while awaiting sentencing on child pornography charges.

Similarly, when Naya Rivera was pronounced missing earlier this year, Morrison thought the most appropriate course of action was to share an image of her with the lyric “I say a little prayer for you”and absolutely nothing else. This was likely because Rivera sang a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s track on the show.

But is still a real choice to make when your friend goes missing, and is later pronounced dead.

But The Actor Has Such A Threatening Aura, No Matter The Character

Beyond his problematic moments as Will Schuester on Glee and his unfortunate social media posts, people have also lost their minds at all the random clips of Matthew Morrison on stage.

As a pretty successful Broadway star, there are countless clips of Morrison dancing and singing, and sadly for all of us, even some of the actor hosting cursed choreography classes.

Simply put, no matter what form Matthew Morrison is in, he is terrifying and gives off bad vibes — and really, this is why TikTok hates the man.

Now whenever a Matthew Morrison video pops up on the For You page, the comments are flooded with people wondering what horrific life choices led them here. Some beg for a trigger warning to be placed on any Matthew Morrison content, while others reckon his dancing feels like a hate crime.

“One pandemic at a time, please,” is a popular comment under any videos to do with Morrison. “This is my 13th reason why,” is another.

It should be noted, however, that all the hate for Matthew Morrison really is just one big joke… mostly. Ok, there is at least a little truth to the fear. Regardless, the anti-Matthew Morrison TikToks are hilarious and honestly, pretty well-deserved.

And before you feel bad for Matthew Morrison, just know he has some fans out there. Like Rachel Berry, I guess.