And Now, Here’s A Legitimately Excellent Rap About Staying Safe During Coronavirus

"Save your money, don't pay your rent, landlord can't do nothing about it."

Matt Watson coronavirus rap

The coronavirus pandemic has done untold damage to the international music industry, decimating touring and throwing album release dates into chaos. But that doesn’t mean that musicians are being any less creative.

In fact, quite the opposite. The outbreak has seen musicians around the world use their talents for a dizzying array of different causes, from livestreaming on their Instagram to creating their very own coronavirus PSAs.

It’s that latter route that musician, YouTuber and comedian Matt Watson has taken. Watson, best known as one half of YouTube gaming channel SuperMega and the one-time editor of the massively popular Game Grumps,  has created a rap song designed to give good practical advice during the pandemic.

And you know what? It really, really slaps.

“Stuck in my room, I ain’t got nothing to do,” Watson spits. “You wanna go to the club? Guess what? You spreadin’ germs, I’mma pull up and beat ass with my latex gloves, ay.”

Basically, the whole thing is a genuine masterpiece. And useful, too. Oh, particularly the part where Watson raps: “Save your money, don’t pay your rent, landlord can’t do nothing about it.”

Watch the music video here: