Malcolm Turnbull Is Getting Roasted For Not Knowing The Words To ‘You’re The Voice’

Try and understand it.

Malcolm Turnbull You're The Voice

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Forget about shitty polling and getting sledged by your old deputy: Malcolm Turnbull may have just flushed his job down the drain all by himself. Video has emerged of the PM at the Commonwealth Games on Tuesday singing John Farnham’s classic Aussie tune ‘You’re The Voice’ with the Australian swimming team.

Only he didn’t know the bloody words.

The damning footage, which will surely be the subject of a Royal Commission before the end on the week, has been making the rounds of social media, and users are rightly appalled.

Turnbull was asked about his poor performance on Queensland radio yesterday morning, and defended himself by insisting that he just didn’t want to “inflict” his singing on anyone.

Sure mate. Sure.

Is this as bad as the time he couldn’t name a single AC/DC song? I’m not sure, but it’s pretty bloody close.

And yet somehow, it’s still only the second worst Farnsy-related gaffe at this year’s games.

Let’s hope Peter Dutton has a better head for music.