Malcolm Turnbull Has Announced He Loves A Bit Of Netflix And Chill

He definitely knows what it means.

Malcolm, you sly dog. In between his busy schedule promoting the government’s cooked new welfare policies the Prime Minister couldn’t help letting slip this morning that he and his wife have sex.

Yes, I know this sounds like a weird thing to write about. And yep, given the fact that Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull have two kids it’s probably obvious that they have had sex. Twice. But today the PM decided he needed to remind us. Here’s how it went down:

The PM was doing an interview with Bianca, Terry and Bob from Brisbane’s 97.3FM radio station. For some reason he agreed to one of those weird rapid-fire quizzes commercial radio stations are obsessed with.

It started out OK, with questions like “Have you ever had your heart broken?” (Yes), “Has Lucy ever had a spray tan?” (No), and “Are you on Instagram?” (Yes). Pretty boring and vanilla, tbh.

But then Bianca asked the PM, “Do you ever Netflix and chill with Lucy?”.

“Yes. Yes, we do,” Turnbull replied.

Malcolm, my MAN. You fuck and you’re proud of it.

There’s a small chance that the PM doesn’t know that ‘Netflix and chill’ is a euphemism for having sex. But I think he knows. He’s a smart, digitally savvy guy. He’s big on social media. He once founded an internet company. He knows exactly what he was saying.

The PM fucks and he wants us all to know.