Nobody Knows Why Malcolm Roberts Posted An Unhinged “Fully Circumcised” Digital Certificate

This is the same man who said "penises cause climate change".

Malcolm Roberts Circumcision

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One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts claims he’s been shadowbanned, two days after an odd Instagram post of a ‘Fully Circumcised’ digital certificate that mocked the Federal Government’s proof of vaccination documents.

The Queensland Senator shared the edited image alongside a pic that read “fuck the United Nations” on Sunday. In the caption, he ranted about the Nationals finally coming around to Net Zero targets, and called climate efforts “communism” ahead of COP26.

“They are not just circumcising our country they are castrating it,” he wrote, in a stretch of a metaphor that produces a headache if analysed too deeply.

On Tuesday, Roberts tweeted a theory that he’d been shadowbanned on Instagram, which probably has a lot to do with him posting an unhealthy and slightly embarrassing number of posts a day — he posted four alongside his circumcision ramble.

It’s an anecdotal match made in heaven for the senator, who has been posting vaccine misinformation all year. He even managed to bump his followers from near zero to over 30,000 using anti-vax livestreams in just six month, according to Business Insider. And who can forget his embarrassing Q&A with the CSIRO in 2017, where he referenced a hoax study that claimed “penises cause climate change”.

On Sunday, Scott Morrison will fly to Glasgow for climate talks with world leaders at the UN’s COP26 conference. His travel plans come after much dissent from the National party, and a bit of back-and-forth from the Prime Minister himself over whether he would even attend — leading Prince Charles himself to nudge him into going.

In a press conference on Tuesday, ScoMo announced the Government’s plan to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and was criticised for being too wishy-washy.