Lyle Shelton Launched A Petition Against Courtney Act And The ABC For “Indoctrinating Children”

Shelton's gripe is that Act is a "radical homosexual drag queen discussing gender fluidity with little children".

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Conservative Lyle Shelton believes that iconic Aussie drag queen Courtney Act is “sexualising children” and has started a petition urging the ABC to stop “indoctrinating them into gender fluid ideology”. Why? Because she hosted an all-too-adorable video for ABC Kids discussing gender.

Take a look:

It’s been viewed 1.7M times and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

It’s part of a series called Little Kids, Big Talk which sees the most adorable bunch of kids ask some well-known faces about including politics, disability, gender, NAIDOC week and more. It’s so sweet, my ovaries nearly exploded watching it.

In Courtney Act’s episode, she discusses gender expression, and being treated differently when not dressed up as Courtney Act.

Shelton’s gripe is that Act is a “radical homosexual drag queen discussing gender fluidity with little children”.

Shelton is with the Christian Democratic Party, tipped to replace Fred Nile as the CDP’s Member in NSW Parliament, and led the ‘No’ campaign on the marriage equality vote. He also appeared to be angered by the rainbow path in Prince Alfred Park…

Shelton argues that the ABC episode could see kids Google Act and “[stumble] across Jenek’s sexualised and homosexual mardi-gras images”.

“LGBTIQA+ drag queens are not for kids but the ABC is using them to indoctrinate little children.”

“If the ABC is not grooming children, what are they doing? Maybe they are just reckless.”

So far, the petition has only accrued 769 votes and not reached its goal of 1000.

Junkee reached out to Courtney Act/Shane Jenek but they chose not to comment.