Lorde’s New Song ‘Liability’ Will Either Make Or Ruin Your Day

We also have a release date for Melodrama!

Happy Friday, hope you’re ready to have some feelings! After the electric premiere of ‘Green Light’ last week, Lorde’s just released a second track from her upcoming album Melodrama. The song, ‘Liability’, is slow and dreamy and beautiful, and it may very well wreck you for the rest of the day.

Take a listen here:

Like ‘Green Light’, this song is also co-produced with Fun’s Jack Antonoff and it feels reflective of a new stage in Lorde’s life and career. ‘Liability’ meditates on success and self-love, without feeling inaccessible to those who aren’t world-renowned pop stars at age 20.

Premiering the track on Apple Music, Lorde told Zane Lowe she’s “really proud of this bit of songwriting” and spoke really eloquently about her thoughts behind it:

“I feel like I got somewhere they hadn’t been before, which is always a nice feeling as a songwriter. It’s interesting because I had this realisation that because of my lifestyle and what I do for work there’s going to be a point with every single person around me where I’m gonna [bring] attacks on them in some way. If it is having to give up a little portion of their privacy or their life becoming more difficult or whatever. It was just this moment of sadness and I remember it so vividly.

“I was in this cab alone listening to ‘Higher’ by Rihanna because ANTI had just come out. And I had a little cry and I was just like, ‘It’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way.’ But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself. And the tone of the melody, the way it kind of falls around, it’s almost like it’s kind of drunk or it sort of leans around, it’s got this hip-hop cadence to it.”

For those playing at home, the list of inspirations behind Melodrama currently includes emotional cab rides and drunk girls. This could be the most relatable album of our time.

Here’s ‘Green Light’ again, just because:

Melodrama is out on June 16. Lorde is performing both new tracks on SNL this weekend.