People Are Roasting Themselves By Imagining What Items They’d Drop In A Video Game

Honestly, it mostly seems to be mostly vapes and iced coffee.

The best 'loot drop if you kill me' memes

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Across Twitter, users are flooding the timeline by posting what loot they’d drop they were killed in a video game. As the meme format has progressed and gained popularity over the past few days, people are going to increasingly absurd, self-roasting heights — but hey, it can’t be any dumber than Breath Of The Wild‘s Yiga clan dropping bananas.

For the video game-illiterate, the meme plays off how most RPG, shooters and open-world adventure games will give the player items after they’ve defeated enemies. In some games (say Paper Mario), it’s a bit more covert, with the items popping up in menu bars, but in first-person shooters or RPGs like Skyrim, you’ll actually physically loot the corpse of your enemy.

Putting aside the barbarity, the items themselves often don’t make much logical sense — sure, an AK-47 on an enemy soldier makes sense, but why was a giant spider carrying a potion? (Apologies to anyone who has played a video game before for this explanation.)

In short, Twitter users are both poking fun at dumb video game conventions and themselves by posting their own ‘loot drops’. Some are using it to joke about how basic they are, posting pictures of Dunkin Donuts coffee and black-rimmed faux glasses, while others are poking fun of their love of queer theory and kombucha.

Most of the tweets, honestly, seem to mention vapes or some form of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications. Mood!

Between the dead houseplants, Cetaphil, iced coffee, Berlin-ready bumbags and Anne Carson poetry books, the meme’s more or less just a self-reading session for depressed 20 and 30somethings. We love it!

Find some of our favourites below.