You Need To Watch Perfect Human Lizzo Recreating The Jazz Flute Scene From ‘Anchorman’

It'll change your life.

Lizzo, playing the flute in a homage to Anchorman

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Lizzo is, without an ounce of a doubt, one of the most exciting and important pop stars currently on the globe.

Indeed, if you’ve never before heard of Lizzo, AKA Melissa Jefferson, consider yourself officially in need of a catch-up. Although she’s been steadily dropping great albums since 2013 — her debut, the extraordinarily titled Lizzobangers, is one of the most joyous records of the last six years — she’s only hit the mainstream spotlight in the last few months or so, thanks in no small part to her excellent single ‘Juice’.

An anthem dedicated to self-love and self-expression, it’s exactly the kind of shake up that pop needs right now: an infectious, joyous sing-along that pays tribute to a whole history of rap, pop and R&B without ever feeling like a mere homage.

Basically what I’m saying is, Lizzo is going to take over the world.

Aside from all of her excellent tunes, the musician is also an engaged and fascinating Twitter personality. She rails against the state of contemporary politics and racism; she asks deeply pertinent questions; and she smashes the goddamn flute.

Indeed, that last skill has produced an extraordinary new video in which Lizzo takes on the most famous scene in Oscar-nominated director Adam McKay‘s Anchorman.

Yep, Lizzo has gone full Ron Burgundy, and has produced a parody video that is so supremely good and wholesome that it has the power to instantly fix at least 60% of the mild irritations currently in your life.

The musician’s not stopping there, either: her new album, Cuz I Love You is dropping on this coming April 19. It’ll be her major label debut, so if there’s any kind of justice in the world, it’ll catapult her into the annals of superstardom in a way hitherto foreign to her. Here’s hoping.