Lili Reinhart Just Released A Gorgeous Book Of Poetry Called ‘Swimming Lessons’

The actress' first collection of poetry is intimate, comforting, and sometimes painfully honest.

Cover art for 'Swimming Lessons', Lili Reinhart's first book of poetry
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‘Swimming Lessons’, the first collection of poetry by Lili Reinhart, is out now.

Lili Reinhart is known for a lot of things – playing Betty Cooper in Riverdale, being one third of the @blondebrunetteredhead TikTok, and endlessly advocating for mental health awareness. It’s this last talent that we’re here today to discuss, because Lili just released Swimming Lessons, her debut collection of poetry.

The poems in her first book are exactly what you’d expect from the actress. They’re sincere, sometimes painfully honest poetry about young love, battling anxiety and depression, and the inevitable heartbreak everyone feels at some point in their life.


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“I seem to be your new favorite novel.

One that keeps you up at night,

turning my pages.

Fingers lingering on me so you don’t lose your place.”

Intimate, bite-sized poems like this one are about growing up, falling, down and getting back up again. They capture so many conflicting emotions about what it feels like to be a young woman, especially when everyone’s obsessed with how we look.

And even though the poems are a rare insight into how Lili’s dealt with these struggles as a famous actress, they’re also totally relatable for every other young woman.

Thanks to the general sense of existential dread we’re all sharing right now, poetry feels even more comforting than ever. Lili’s trademark honesty and optimism shine through in Swimming Lessons and her poems are provocative, profound, and comforting all at once – making this book a perfect addition to our 2020 reading lists.

Swimming Lessons is available now and, look, we’re not saying you should throw out the Christmas present you already bought your best friend, we’re just saying that Lili’s book would be a perfect surprise gift for any woman in your life.

Swimming Lessons, the collection of poetry by Lili Reinhart is out now. Get your copy here.

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