Everyone’s Obsessed With This Aussie Dad On TikTok Who Exudes Serious Dad Energy

Meet the internet's new dad, who could also pass as Harry Styles' voice doppelgänger.

lil stace tiktok dad

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Between a Russian jingle about cereal taking over the internet, teen witches hexing the moon, and men gobbling down hotdogs, there has been a lot of strange energy on TikTok lately.

But amongst all the chaos, a few Aussies have made quarantine a little easier to get through, thanks to their serotonin-boosting content.

Of course, there’s the Melbourne icon, Rohit Roygre, who united the world through his journey to “no fizzy drinks” after being a long-time soft drink addict. Then there’s @airfryerguy, who makes up a new jingle each time he tries to air fry anything and everything he can find.

And then there’s Stace and her extremely Aussie dad, Grant, who have managed to gain over half a million followers in just a few months.

Stace, a 22-year-old university student, and her engineer father started making TikTok videos as the pair were spending more time together at home because of COVID-19.

While Stace has been posting on the app since October last year, it wasn’t really until she shared her dad’s struggle with opening a laptop that she realised people just wanted more Grant.

“The video that made me realise that people loved him was the one of him not being able to open his laptop, as I got a great response from everyone who thought he was hilarious,” Stace told Junkee. “I think my dad has become so popular because he has such wholesome responses in all my videos, and is always so calm and collected.”

Comments on @lil_stace’s videos echo this sentiment, with people claiming that Grant exerts huge “chemistry teacher energy” and that they are simply “soothed by [Grant’s] presence”. Some have even noted that Stace’s dad sounds a little bit like an older Harry Styles, so of course, he had to give the people a ‘Sign of the Times’ sample.

But as Stace begun to share more and more quick clips of her dad, people mostly started to declare that Grant was now, unofficially, everyone’s dad — something that Stace doesn’t mind at all.

“His sense of humour is very quick, so all our videos are very natural and are not staged, like a lot of the videos seen on TikTok are, which I think people find refreshing,” Stace continued. “I think it’s great that he is now seen as ‘everyone’s dad’ because I can see how much joy it brings to other people’s lives, which I think everyone needs a bit more of given the current pandemic.”

As people across the globe have their own personal favourite Grant moments, Stace loves the video of her dad washing the dishes outside with the hose in freezing winter temperatures the most as it “sums up his essence perfectly” — something that the @lil_stace account has only ever aimed to do.

While Stace says she’s always been close to her dad, TikTok has definitely brought the pair closer together as Stace gives her dad a TikTok “update” every night.

“Dad does know how supported he is and he loves it! He was very surprised by the popularity of his videos,” Stace said. “He’ll sit down with a cup of tea every night and ask for a TikTok ‘update’ and gets me to read him people’s comments. He is very appreciative of everyone’s support, as am I!”

As the father and daughter duo get more popular with each passing day, Stace has even set up a cameo account for those who want to get a personalised message from the internet’s new dad and Harry Styles’ voice doppelgänger.

Stace has also organised a back-up Instagram account full of the pair’s videos, just in case TikTok ever gets taken down. Otherwise, you can follow Grant and Stace’s adventures on TikTok at @lil_stace.