‘Mi Pan’, The Dancing Llama Song, Has Completely Taken Over The Internet

"Does your internal monologue now sound like this 'mi pan, su su su, nun nun nun' or are you normal?"

mi pan tiktok photo

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If you’ve scrolled through TikTok at all over the last week or so, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a particular, beguiling video.

Uploaded by @yos_uwu, the video depicts a llama, upright, bathed in red light, twisting and turning sensually to a distinctive, indelible audio. “Mi pan, su su sum su su su,” the voice calls, the llama gracefully dancing. “Mi pan, ya ka kus, ñan ñan ñan.”

The words? Slippery, unfamiliar to the ear. The dancing? Alluring. All together? Addictive.

The video has raked in nearly 12 million likes since it was uploaded in mid-July, and has been viewed over 80 million times. The audio didn’t spring completely out of nowhere — TikTok users quickly deduced that the track is a cover of a Russian advertising jingle for the cereal ‘Miel Pops’:

The audio is now being used to soundtrack just about everything, from people lovingly singing to bread (bread = pan, geddit?), to just whacking it on top of any bizarre animal dancing video.

People are, frankly, just completely obsessed with it:

To think that we’d lose this precious content if TikTok is banned — you can hardly bear to think about it.