The Internet Is Obsessed With This Aussie Legend And His Health Journey To “No Fizzy Drinks”

32 days in and still no fizzy drinks? Legend.

no fizzy drink tiktok rohit

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Between bushfires, excessive police brutality and coronavirus, 2020 has been a huge garbage fire year.

But there’s one man down in Melbourne who’s health journey has managed to give the internet a much needed injection of serotonin. You see, Rohit Roygre has been documenting his journey to stop drinking fizzy drinks, after being a long-time soft drink addict.

On the June 7, Rohit shared his first video diary about his “no fizzy drinks” journey to TikTok, as a way to try and hold himself accountable. In this initial video, Rohit explained that doctors had told him to stop drinking soft drink for his health, but he had never been able to. Pledging to post onto his TikTok account every night, Rohit’s initial plan was to reward himself with a fizzy drink on Sundays.

“I’ve decided to use some help from TikTok, I know this is a fun place but I’m just trying to get some help,” Rohit said. “Thank you for your support in advance. I’m really excited, hopefully this will help me getting rid of my addiction as soon as possible.”

However, Rohit never did drink that fizzy drink on that first Sunday. Or the second, or the third. In fact, Rohit has gone a full 31 days without a fizzy drink, and everyone on TikTok has fallen in love with him for his admirable efforts. Fuelled by the support of his 190,000 followers — which he amassed solely from his “no fizzy drinks” health kick — Rohit’s next goal is 45 days.

On the seventh day of his abstinence from the fizzy substance — which was the Sunday he was going to reward himself with a soft drink — Rohit shared that instead of grabbing a Coke during his Nando’s trip, he opted for a bottle of water.

“I have finally taken my steps to the right direction, and as you know, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” the king said in his Sunday update.

Getting excited by his own progress and by people being so invested in his journey, Rohit has even begun to share more information about himself in his daily updates.

For example, through his videos, people have learned that Rohit at one point was so addicted to soda, that he would drink two cans a day and could down a Red Bull in just four seconds. Giving a little more, Rohit then shared that he actually has a really slim and athletic twin brother during his Day 16 update.

In celebration of his month-long milestone, Rohit “No Fizzy Drink” Roygre even gave the people what they wanted, and drank a glass of water on camera for his eager fans.

Quickly, Rohit’s comments were flooded with messages of support, with people starting to refer to him as the “CEO of overall no fizzy drinks” and others claiming they would “literally die for Rohit”. In the last month, Rohit’s journey of no more fizzy drinks even became its own community on the platform, with song remixes and memes popping up all over the app.

With so many people banding together to honour the healthy icon, Rohit Roygre has now become the unofficial king of TikTok. So here are all the best “No Fizzy Drinks” TikToks in honour of Rohit’s health journey and one month milestone.

You can follow the CEO of “no fizzy drinks” and his health journey on TikTok here.