Teen Witches On TikTok Have Apparently Hexed The Moon, And It’s Now A Spooky Meme

This is the last thing we need right now.

TikTok teens have hexed the moon

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The witching world is currently in meltdown, as WitchTok — yes, witches on TikTok — are trying to appease the moon after some try-hard teenage witches hexed the moon. This is a Wiccan no-no, and, according to the other witches, the pay-back will be severe.

It’s quite a lot to take in, we know. But as the fear and mocking has bled out into the non-witch world and the words ‘moon hex’ are probably clogging up your Twitter feed, it’s worth explaining why exactly everyone is freaking out.

The key thing to note is that the WitchTok teens aren’t publicly being shamed: the elders on TikTok have kept their identities private, but begun making videos about the rumours. The hex is bad news because the moon, as you can imagine, is very powerful.

“You done dug your own grave, good luck,” read one WitchTok TikTok by @chaoticwitchaunt, who has almost 400,000 followers. “The gods are not on your side.”

While some are worried about what this could unleash on 2020, @chaoticwitchaunt has allayed fears by saying that the hex wouldn’t have worked, as it’s near impossible to hex the moon (duh!). Still, the moon — and its associated God, Artemis — will be majorly pissed off.

“The Gods will take care of it,” she says. “They are not hurt, just annoyed. They also won’t take some kid’s stupidity out on the entire human race.”

Phew for us, bad for the teens!

Still, if you need a bit more context, Twitter witch (Twitch is already taken, unfortunately)  @heyyadoraa has written a thread explaining that hexes are serious business and not something that young witches should be playing with, let alone using against something as incredibly powerful as the moon.

“A hex is essentially spellwork that is a collection of negative energy and is directed to someone, something, or a group of someones/somethings,” they write. “These are intended to have negative effects and cause HARM to them and their lives.”

The moon ‘provides power’ to witches, and the Gods — particularly siblings Artemis and Apollo — will be very mad. Apollo, who is the God of health and medicine, is not someone you want to fuck with. What will happen to these teens? Probably just a life-long curse that will affect their bloodlines forever.

But that’s not all. These teens really fucked up: apparently, they even tried to hex the Fae, the Celtic-figures you probably know best as faeries. This was a very bad move.

“It is EXTREMELY important to note that fair folk do not abide by human morals, because they are not human,” they write. “Morality is a human construct. Fair folk are not inherent[ly] malevolent, but they have different customs than we do.”

“But when they’re fucked with, WHOO BABY. You’ve now got trickery for the rest of your life and maybe a bloodline curse! if you’re lucky. They’ll probably also steal your soul.”

As per The Cut, other WitchTokkers are claiming that demons are very angry right now. And to make matters worse, it’s also rumoured these witches plan to hex the sun. The sun!

But it’s all worthwhile, as Twitter has turned the hex drama into the latest meme, which some witches find very disrespectful. They also wanted some “lamestream media” attention, so hope this counts.

Find some of our favourite reactions below, and light a candle if you’d like to appease the moon on behalf of these WitchTok teens. Who among us didn’t watch The Craft as a kid and do something dumb, failing to learn the moral of The Craft?