This Liberal MP Got Shut Down In Record Time And It’s Hilarious

For all the highs and lows of the current marriage equality debate in Australia, we’ll always have this: Liberal MP Tim Wilson getting shut down in less than 30 seconds during a Sky News interview.

Wilson has been in the news a bit lately after being named as one of the “rebel MPs” who might force a vote on marriage equality when parliament returns next week.

For his part, Wilson has maintained that he would never support a Labor motion to vote on same-sex marriage, but he would exercise his conscience on any marriage bill that was presented by a fellow Liberal MP.

Which brings us to today, when Wilson appeared on Sky News to be interviewed by Peter Van Onselen. PVO opened with a simple question about the current marriage machinations within the party, when Wilson responded like this:

“Thanks Peter, I’ve said everything I have to say on this issue and I have no plans to make any more comment at this time. I’d rather talk about something else that actually matters to the Australian population, like the economy, energy prices, what’s going on with Labor’s tax slug. You pick it, I’m happy to talk about it. I’ve said said on this issue.”

It was pretty weird coming from one of parliament’s few openly gay MPs and biggest marriage equality supporters.

Van Onselen’s response?

“Tim Wilson, thanks for your company.”

And with that, it was over. Total interview time, around 24 seconds.

Watch the whole thing in all its glory here.

PVO told The Australian that he shut the interview down on the spur of the moment because the MP had refused to answer a fair question.