Bad News, Leunig Has Made Another Cursed Boomer Cartoon, And People Are Angry

He's angry about young mothers with phones!

Leunig cartoon

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Oh no, Leunig is back, and he’s making cartoons again! Why won’t somebody stop him?

If you’re not aware, Michael Leunig is a veteran cartoonist and Australia’s most whimsical anti-vaxxer — he also hates marriage equality! Honestly, it’s bad enough that he does cartoons — the most hexed form of commentary in the blighted world of commentary — why do they also have to be grossly offensive?

How did he go from relatively inoffensive cartoons about shitty looking people who just really like flowers, to absolutely dank boomer nonsense? Did he crash his truck into a landlord convention or something? Did he get bitten by a radioactive string of pearls at a writer’s festival? Did he just… age?

Anyway, he’s at it again, and it is pretty stupid! The latest subject for his wicked yet whimsical satirical gaze? Parents on their dang iPhones!

Is he truly implying people are dropping babies out the back of their prams? Or is it… a metaphor? Regardless, I think most young mums — who are often isolated and stressed — are pretty fucking grateful for phones.

Why do old people hate phones so much?


Of course, people have pointed out that this is scarcely new bullshit from Leunig.

Along with the anti-vaxxing, he seems to disproportionately target mothers, which if movies have taught me anything, is probably because of psychology. And get this — bad psychology!

Anyway, he’s a ridiculous relic who should try painting a picture or something.