In Some Good News, The Mum Who Lost Three Kids To A Drunk Driver In 2020 Is Pregnant Again

Leila Abdallah lost three children and a niece when a drunk driver ploughed into a group of kids buying ice cream in Oatlands.

Oatlands crash mum pregnant Leila Abdallah

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In some much needed good news, the Sydney mum who lost three of her children when a drunk driver ploughed down a footpath in 2020 has just announced she’s pregnant again.

Leila Abdallah shared the news on Instagram last night in a series of family photos where she showed off her growing belly. “God blessed us with a gift from above,” Abdallah captioned her photo with her husband, Danny Abdallah before sharing individual portraits with each of her remaining children Michael, Alex and Liana.

“Michael prayed and asked Jesus to give him a baby and God has answered his prayer,” she continued. “Alex, the loving and caring brother is so happy to have a baby. God has answered his prayers. #i4Give.”

“My princess and inspiration Liana. Love you so much. You are going to be an amazing big sister,” Abdallah ended her series of photos. “Dad gets all the cuddle and I get social distancing. #i4Give.”

Abdallah shared her pregnancy news almost two years after she lost three of her children in a horrifying drunk driving crash in early 2020.

On February 1, Antony (13), Angelina (12), and Sienna (8) were killed by a drunk driver who drove into the group of seven children near Oatlands Gold Club at around 8pm. The driver was travelling at 133 km/hr in a 50km/hr zone when his car mounted the curb and hit the children on the footpath.

Along with losing three of her own children, Leila Abdallah’s niece, Veronique Sakr (11), was also killed as the kids rode their bikes to go buy ice cream on that fateful night.

The driver, Samuel Davidson, pleaded guilty to four counts of manslaughter and was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years in jail in April this year. “I’m so sorry,” Davidson said to the Abdallah family. “I hate what I’ve put you through.”

Since the accident, Leila Abdallah has launched i4Give in honour of the children that she lost. Falling on February 1, i4Give Day is a day of forgiveness and celebration created “in loving memory of our 4 angels who entered eternal life on February 1, 2020”.

The day was created in the hopes of encouraging others to “stop, reflect and search your heart to find someone to forgive” — a mindset that Leila Abdallah has always taken towards the drunk driver who took away her children.

Even just days after her children had died, Abdallah returned to the scene of the crash where a makeshift memorial had been constructed and told reporters that she couldn’t hate the drunk driver because “that’s not who we are”.

“The guy, I know he was [allegedly] drunk, driving on this street. Right now I can’t hate him,” Abdallah said at the time. “I don’t want to see him, [but] I don’t hate him.

“I think in my heart to forgive him, but I want the court to be fair. It’s all about fairness. I’m not going to hate him, because that’s not who we are.”