There Has Been A Shocking Twist In The Great Least-Used Emoji War Of 2018

If you've ever loved an emoji, it's time for you to choose a side.

least-used emoji war of 2018

As previously reported on Junkee, there is an epic battle being fought every day on Twitter, the great least-used Emoji War of 2018, where thousands of people unite every day to save the emoji of their choice from the ignominy of being the most-unused emoji.

It’s at once dramatic and nail-biting, with a dedicated account Least Used Emoji Bot tweeting regular updates on which emoji is currently winning the unwanted slot. It’s also just… wholesome and good, because it literally doesn’t matter.

People are out there championing a niche emoji just because they can, and not for any valid reason beyond vague choices of aesthetics and whimsy. It’s absurd and pointless and from now on, it’s the only kind of battle I think anyone should fight.

But, I’m shocked to announce that since our last update the entire field of battle has shifted. Previously, the conflict through 2018 has been between my bae Aerial Tramway, and the hated Input symbol for latin capital letters, each one clawing their way out of the losing place, only to fall back down, sometimes only hours in between each shift.

Brutal, useless, competition.

But because that war escalated so hard, we’ve actually managed to escalate those ancient emoji enemies entirely out of the running, and now the least-used emoji war is between two new contenders: the Non-potable water symbol 🚱 and the Input symbol for latin letters 🔤 (not to be confused with the Input symbol for latin CAPITAL letters).

This changes everything.

Choose a side.

Junkee officially throws the weight of their support behind the Non-potable water symbol. I mean, who doesn’t hate potable water, amirite?

But also, it feels like the Input symbol for latin letters is an obvious ally of Input symbol for latin capital letters. We must make sure the Non-potable water symbol triumphs, so just try to edge it into regular conversation, if you can.

But, this battle is constantly shifting, so I’m sure we’ll be shocked and appalled by a new development at any moment.