Everyone Is Once Again Roasting Lana Del Rey Over Her Questionable Album Art

"Lana designing her album art on Snapchat in two minutes."

lana del rey photo

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Lana Del Rey sure knows how to generate conversation.

Over the last few years, the singer has been mired in a series of strange controversies, from the (crude and untrue) rumours that she is a Trump supporter, to a fracas set off by the album cover for Chemtrails Over the Country Club.

Now, with the announcement of her new album, Blue Bannisters, Del Rey has once again found herself at the centre of a series of internet flame wars — albeit more tongue-in-cheek ones than those she has weathered in the past.

See, it all kicked off over on Twitter, when Del Rey announced that she had a new project coming on July 4. Alongside the news, Del Rey also posted a photo — what may or may not be the cover to the new record. The reason for the controversy? Well, that photo looks like this:

That font! That strange, broken border! As internet users were quick to point out, the thing looks like it was created on Picsart, the free app that’s kinda like a budget version of Photoshop.

So, within minutes, the image became parody fodder online, with stans lovingly trying to understand the “creative process” behind the image, and creating a bunch of memes about it in the process.

Indeed, the jokes picked up steam so quickly that within a few hours, internet users were transforming other iconic records into the recognisable Blue Bannisters style, creating parodies of their own.

Of course, it’s worth stressing again that it’s not clear whether this is the final album art or not. And even if it is, at least it’s distinct. In an era in which every album cover has the same uniform polish, the Blue Bannisters image is refreshingly DIY. It’s just another case of Lana Del Rey doing Lana Del Rey, fucking off the haters and following the sound of a drum that perhaps only she can hear. Why would we want her to do anything else?